Monday, January 28, 2013

I have two daughters, so lucky am I.

I am so glad we added another little person to our family. It feels right. And as I feel myself returning to some semblance of my non-pregnant self I am loving it more and more.  It is fucking hard though!

My challenge is always going to be engaging fully with my family. A habit to be distant that comes from family and a lifetime of shutting things out.

I want to document the wonders that are my children.

Little E is nearly 4 months. Laughing, smiling and chatting away. A chubby little girl who is relaxed who is not too bothered when I need to tend (often!) to her big sister. She is showing a tendency to be left-handed. Teething has begun and means much drool and gnawing. Not yet rolling but moving across the floor on her back at great speed.

G is nearly 3 and full of energy. Always moving from painting (a full body experience), to swimming in the bath, to feeding her dolls with play dough 'chocolate cake'. She has a sweet tooth which worries me. A crazy vocabulary which leads me to think she ought to understand concepts beyond her years.

I am still feeling my way as a parent.

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