Friday, May 4, 2012

An update for myself

So I'm having another baby. Maniacal laugh.
I am nearly 19 weeks (nearly half way for fucks sake!)
The baby is pushing against my sides constantly. Kicking me if I sit the wrong way. I adore pregnancy.

I am toilet training my two year old. Watching her play with the same lego I played with as a kid, waiting for the inevitable structural disasters and asking her if she needs to wee. She always rolls her eyes and say no.

She has changed so much since I weaned her a few weeks ago. I have changed too. But we both miss it.

I am beginning to wonder how I can possibly parent TWO kids. How?! When I keep forgetting to feed my girl fruit and I have to constantly battle the temptation to put the tv on a little earlier each day. I convince myself that it is because I am pregnant that I am feeling so weary of parenting but I'm not sure that is true.

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